Counselling Sessions

Space to Heal and Evolve your Life

Whatever brings you to therapy, be it

childhood traumas & unresolved issues
chronic stress
relationship problems
loss of purpose or direction
lack of vigour or passion
digestive problems
autoimmune conditions
irritability or repetitive anger
primal fear
low self-esteem
toxic shame
transgenerational trauma
detrimental patterns that are hard to break and holding you back

Whatever it may be, I will meet you where you are, and aim to help you heal at the root level

The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.

Anais Nin

How I Work

Somatic Therapy

A body-centred approach to therapeutic healing in which we pay attention and get curious about our body’s messages, cues, signals, sensations, movements, emotions, and experiences. We explore how to respond accordingly and authentically.

Trauma Education

An important part of healing is understanding how trauma and stress gets trapped in the body and mind. I help provide knowledge, tools, and practices to transform trauma and stuck survival patterns into restored well-being.

Nervous System Regulation

Our autonomic nervous system governs and regulates all our bodily systems and functions. So, when we are living with unprocessed trauma and stress, our bodies act in dysfunctional and detrimental ways.
It is essential that our nervous systems get a chance to shift and reset.

Pricing & Booking


Sessions are $120 per hour.


Monday-Friday 10am-6:30pm PST


I provide sessions online using Zoom.
Soon I’ll be seeing clients in-person as well.

I offer free 1/2 hour Zoom consultations to answer any of your questions and make sure we’re a good fit.

Interested in working together?

Book a Session or Consult for greater well-being

I'm Ready
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