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I have created and led workshops in public and educational forums on:

The Vagus Nerve: The Polyvagal Theory
Embodied Perception: Interoception, Exteroception, Proprioception, Neuroception

Taking time, research and study, I have developed relatable yet scientifically grounded workshops on poignant Somatic Therapy topics. I offer engaging content with stunning power point presentations, real-life analogies, and valuable information.

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Past Workshop Example

Created for Rhodes Wellness College, Career Development Days


Healing at the Root of Our Autonomic Nervous System

In this workshop, Tamar will take participants on a fascinating exploration of the Polyvagal Theory and how it can be applied effectively in the world of therapeutic counselling. The Polyvagal Theory provides insights into how we can heal emotional challenges, childhood traumas, and physical symptoms, and restore health back into our nervous system. With interesting science and relatable humanity, this workshop promises to build understanding and awareness.

Workshop Bio

Tamar is a Professional Counselling Diploma graduate from Rhodes Wellness College, a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association, and an active alumni of Irene Lyon’s Smart Body Smart Mind Program. She is passionate about somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, and trauma education. Tamar approaches her professional work as a counsellor and teacher with compassion and care. Her greatest joy is helping others grow in knowledge and skillsets, and helping her clients gain tools they need to achieve greater well-being.


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