Supporting Counsellors & Therapists

Space to Heal and Evolve your Life

Therapists also need a place to be heard, seen, and welcomed to surrender.

I am honoured to offer safe and trustworthy support to other professionals.

To Counsellors and Therapists

The years I have spent specializing in Somatic Therapy and Nervous System Regulation allows me to provide intelligent and emotionally attuned guidance.

I customize my approach to your keen self awareness and incredible range of wisdom & experience. I can offer unique insights and depth of soul to those working on their own blind spots, surfacing issues, and evolving growth.

The work we can do together is deeply rich as there is a built-in connection through our mutual intentions to help humanity, along with our personal commitment to self growth.

I find great joy in providing refuge and counsel to those who are navigating complex issues.

Whether you’re dealing with overwhelm and burn out or personal healing and transformation, we can work together to help infuse more passion & clarity into your own life and career.

Pricing & Booking


Sessions are $120 per hour.


Monday-Friday 10am-6:30pm PST


I provide sessions online using Zoom.
Soon I’ll be seeing clients in-person as well.

I offer free 1/2 hour Zoom consultations to answer any of your questions and make sure we’re a good fit.

Interested in working together?

Book a session or consult for greater well-being

I'm Ready
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